Lion Carolyn Messier, PID

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Carolyn A. Messier, from Windsor Locks, Connecticut, USA, was elected to serve a two-year term as an International Director of Lions Clubs International at the association’s 94th International Convention held in Seattle, Washington, USA July 4-8, 2011.

During her term on the International Board, she served on the Leadership Development Committee in her first year and as Vice Chairperson of the Leadership Development committee in her second year.

In addition, she was an active member of the Women and Families Task Force, for two years, serving as its Chairperson in 2012-2013. As a part of her duties, PID Carolyn traveled to Kolkata, India and to Antofagasta, Chile for each of their Women’s Symposiums.

She has continued to serve the Association, accepting the position of Board Appointee for President Joe Preston, 2014-2015, sitting on the Membership Development Committee. She has also been an active member of the Lions KidSight USA committee and the Families and Women’s Action Committee.

A Message from Lion Carolyn to Lions Around the World

"I became a Lion to make a difference. I stay a Lion because we do! When I became a Lion, nearly twenty six years ago, I had no idea that the "difference" would be so positive and so profound, impacting so many lives, including my own."
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Making a Difference … One Starfish at a Time

One day, a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean. Approaching the boy, he asked, “What are you doing?”
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Lion Carolyn’s Resume and Official LCI Biography

Carolyn A. Messier, from Windsor Locks, Connecticut, USA, was elected to serve a two-year term as an International Director of Lions Clubs International at the association’s 94th International Convention held in Seattle, Washington, USA July 4-8, 2011.
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  • Lion Marie Salpietro (far left) nominates her sister Lion Carolyn Messier (far left) for the office of LCI Vice President. Listening in are (l-r) Lion Normand Messier, PDG; Lion ??, Council Secretary-Treasurer; and Lion ??, MD-23 Council Chair.

Lion Marie Salpietro Nominates Her Sister for LCI Vice President

"I am here to talk to you about my sister who is asking the multiple district to endorse her for Vice President of Lions International. I am very proud and honored to nominate my sister, Carolyn Messier for the office of Vice President."
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On The Road to International President

"The time is now, we're ready and we have the candidate that is perfect for the job. Past International Director (PID) Lion Carolyn Messier is not only the right candidate, but she is the right candidate as we move forward into the next 100 years."
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Support Lion Carolyn's campaign to Make a Difference serving you and the Lions of the world.


Leading Lady

  • First woman to join the Windsor Locks Lions Club in 1990.
  • Served as president of the Windsor Locks Lions Club 1995-1996.
  • First woman Cub Master, Pack 261, growing the pack from 8 to 125 scouts in just one year.
  • Key member of a State planning committee for inter-district, open choice education for children in urban areas.
  • Wrote, produced and directed a promotional video for the Lions Low Vision Centers in Connecticut.
  • Authored a resource guide for the blind and visually impaired clients in Connecticut.
  • District Governor 2004-2005
  • MD 23 Council Chairperson 2005-2006
  • MD 23 Council Secretary Treasurer 2007-2010
  • Presenter and Moderator at several USA/Canada Forums
  • USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum Committee in Memphis 2009
  • First woman to serve as International Director from Connecticut and New England in 2011-2013
  • MD 23 Advisor for Lions Quest
  • Board Appointee 2014-2015
  • Founding Member of Lions KidSight USA committee


  • Membership Key Award
  • District Membership Award
  • District Governor Recognitions
  • Two LCIF Helping Hands Awards
  • International President’s Certificates of Appreciation
  • International Leadership Medals
  • Four International President’s Medals
  • International Directors Recognition Award
  • Ambassador of Good Will
  • Life Member of Lions Clubs International
  • Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow
  • CT Knight of the Blind
  • CT Progressive Ambassador of Sight
  • Loyal Shepherd Fellow
  • W.P. Woods Fellow
  • Richard T. Miyamoto Fellow
  • Volunteer Recognition Award from President Obama for work with the blind and service to Lions International
  • Recognized by State of Connecticut Governors Rowland, Rell, and Malloy for her exceptional volunteer service in the United States and at LCI
  • Recognized by the Boy Scouts of America for service to Scouting


“PID Carolyn is a tireless Lion a great organizer and an enthusiastic leader. Her Starfish theme of ‘It made a difference to that one’ exemplifies her desire to serve wherever needed, no matter how many or how few are in need. She is a woman who leads by setting an example for all of us to follow.”

~ PID Mike Molenda (2013-15)

“Carolyn Messier was a joy to work with on the Planning Committee for the 2009 USA/Canada Forum in Memphis. She was the peacemaker when tempers flared, the rational one when all we needed was a little common sense, and our enthusiastic cheerleader when our energies flagged. She guided us when we lacked direction and worked on when others tired. She proved then—as she continues to demonstrate—that she is a natural leader.”

~ Secretary Carolyn Schriber, Germantown (TN) Lions Club, District 12L

“I was so impressed when ID Carolyn Messier spoke at our 2012 District 1-CN Convention that I incorporated a variation of her theme ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

We chose to schedule our district convention in 2014 when the International Board met, so that we could get a PID instead. I chose PID Carolyn Messier. I chose ONE … CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE as my theme. (One person … one Club … one fantastic service organization … can make a difference).

This theme played well for the many contributions of 1-CN Lions that year. Thank you PID Carolyn Messier for your inspiration and dedication.”

~ PDG Mo Ritzel, District 1-CN

“I first met Lion Carolyn when she taught at the Regional Lions training that I attended. I was struck by her ability to relate to Lions at all levels within our great organization and her keen understanding of both LCI history and where we must go in the future to continue to grow our service to people throughout the world.”

~ RC Larry Updyke, District 23C

“Lion Carolyn is the glue that keeps MD23 together. She is the force that keeps us energized. I am honored to be a part of her momentum! ”

~ DG Tom Sullivan, District 23-A

“Carolyn Messier is a leader, a mentor and an inspiration.”

~ Vice President John Montemerlo, Windsor Locks Lions Club

“Lion Carolyn IS what she preaches – she serves all Lions regardless of age, longevity or title, and she still serves those we serve. She wears her heart openly on her arm, fighting for all Lions, and as she reminds we can all save at least on starfish. Together we can save the world.”

~ PDG John Youney, District 41

“I met Lion Carolyn at our District Midwinter convention when I was DGE and immediately became friends with her and Normand. She was a good sport in being our “Nurse” for our Drill Team skit. She was such a kind person and we felt completely comfortable around her. She is an excellent speaker and connected with everyone there.”

PDG Donald J. Hendrickx, Perham Lakes Lions Club

“PID Carolyn Messier is a strong advocate for creating a more balanced ratio of men and women Lions members and has been a driving force in promoting women and family membership. In addition, she seeks and encourages women to accept leadership roles at all levels of our association. She is a positive role model and would certainly be a wonderful choice for International Vice President.”

~ PID Cynthia “Cindy” Gregg, Rostaver Twsp Lions Club

“PID Carolyn Messier impressed me the moment I met her. She has that warm and inviting smile, as well as a genuine LOVE for Lions. She is truly an encourager to each Lion she meets and makes everyone feel they are important. Her husband Normand is simply the bonus we get for knowing Carolyn! I feel she is a great representation of our International Association. She is a smart woman with great ideas, leadership skills, as well as an impressive knowledge of Lions. I love that she also loves to have fun and is not afraid to work! I cannot help but be proud of PID Carolyn for the difference she has already made in this world as a friend and fellow lady Lion. As we soon begin our journey to the next 100 years of service; I would love to see this strong woman, PID Carolyn Messier, as our leader!”

~ PDG Debbie Cantrell

“Lion Carolyn Messier –

  • Poised
  • Resourceful
  • Fair
  • Informative
  • Passionate
  • Leadership Material

As a new Lion back in 2000, I met Lion Carolyn. Women weren’t the norm in Lions in New England at that time. But she has proven women are leaders and can represent the Lions of New England. As I went through the chairs in Lionism, and became a District Governor, I was grateful I had Carolyn as a role model. Tact, diplomacy, and the power to make a difference are just a few things I have learned from this powerful woman.

Lion Carolyn makes me proud to be a woman leader in New England.”

~ PDG Paula J Beach, Cabinet Secretary, District 41

“I would like to share with all Lions that in my 38 years of Lionism and of all of the Lions I have meet throughout the world I can truly say that Lion Carolyn is a Lion for our time.”

~ PDG Bob Gyle, Past Council Chairman, MD23

“PID Carolyn Messier’s outstanding leadership qualities are a mix of high intelligence, compassion, generosity and a sharp wit. She has proven skills to effectively work globally through her service as a lion.”

~ PCC Richard O. & PVDG J. W. Brown, Scottsdale (AZ) Lions Club

“I am pleased to offer my support for PID Carolyn Messier for the high office of 3rd Vice President of Lions Clubs International. I have known and worked with PID Carolyn for many years and have seen her passion, leadership skills, and most of all her devotion that she has for our organization. I encourage all Lions around the world to support PID Carolyn Messier for 3rd VP.”

~ PDG Bob Weiss, Berlin (CT) Lions Club

“PID Carolyn is one of the most caring and dedicated Lions I have ever met. She is a great leader and a motivator without equal. With Lion Carolyn at the helm Lions can look forward to great leadership and exiting times because she DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”

~ Lion David Merrills McCormick (SC) Lions

“In Lions, as in life, the value of a mentor is invaluable. In my Lions career, no one has provided more support and guidance to me than Lion Carolyn. She never hesitates to offer counsel and to educate in a manner that demonstrates her true passion for Lionism and our Association’s continued relevance in the global environment.

“Lion Carolyn Messier has championed so many causes in her Lions career. From local low vision programs and facilities, to membership growth initiatives, to expanding our Association’s reach and relevance with women and minorities, Lion Carolyn has enhanced the very essence of what Lions Clubs International is all about.”

~ PCC Mark S. Lyon, Brookfield (CT) Lions Club, MD23 Global Leadership Team Coordinator

“PID Carolyn Messier is the right person to serve as an Executive Officer of our great association.  She is a communicator, a visionary and a motivator who possesses all the attributes we expect of a strong leader of  Lions Clubs International.”

~ PID John F. Walker, Surprise, Arizona.
2016-17 Centennial Action Committee CA 1
2014-17 GLT Constitutional Area 1 Leader
2014-15 LCI Board Appointee